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Institutional Overview:  The George Eastman Museum comprises world-class collections of photographs, motion pictures, photographic and cinematographic technology, and related books and archival materials.  The museum, established as an independent non-profit institution in 1947, is located at George Eastman’s home and estate, a National Historic Landmark in Rochester, New York.  The museum has approximately 80 full-time-equivalent employees.  The museum has adopted a long-term strategic plan to establish a permanent venue—with an emphasis on photography—in Los Angeles.

Institutional Missions:  The mission of the George Eastman Museum, as an educational institution has three interrelated goals:

  • to preserve, develop, and make accessible our world-class collections related to photography and cinema, as well as George Eastman’s estate;
  • to provide leadership in the fields of photography and cinema; and
  • to inclusively serve our diverse communities in greater Rochester and elsewhere.

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