Our Donors

Founded in late 2020 and launched in spring 2021, BTA’s operations and initiatives are made possible through the generosity of our visionary founding funders, sponsors, partners, and patrons.

Thank you for being an essential part of our first years. Together, we’ll be able to create the changes we wish to see in art museums in our individual communities and across the country.

*Donor listing current as of March 2023

Lead Funders

Ford Foundation
Barbara and Amos Hostetter
Mellon Foundation

Program Sponsors

The J. Paul Getty Trust
Edward E. Greene
The Woke Coach


Wemimo Abbey
Patricia A. Banks
Devin Blackburn
Patricia Blanchet, founding
Darrianne Christian, founding
Warren Colbert, founding
Chanel Coney
Lane Coleman
Edward E. Greene, founding
Izzy Greene, founding
Nickol Hackett, founding
Marilyn Holifield
AC Hudgins, founding
Alexia Hudson-Ward, founding
Eric Johnson
Charla Jones
Kent Kelley
Alison Leland, founding
Shane Merriweather
Rodney Miller, Sr
Suzanne McFayden
Raymond J. McGuire, founding
Eric McKissack, founding
Tom Pegues
John Rogers, founding
Victoria M. Rogers, founding
Gabrielle Sulzberger, founding
Tina Walls
Alex Washington

Institutional Partners

Gibbes Museum of Art
Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens
The Mint Museum
Montgomery Museum of Fine Arts
The New Orleans African American Museum
Seattle Art Museum
Storm King Art Center
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

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