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is to increase the inclusion of Black perspectives and narratives in North American art museums to make our institutions more equitable and excellent spaces of cultural engagement.

Areas of

We as trustees are responsible for ensuring the sustainable management of our institutions, and to do so is to hold them accountable for embracing the full and complex histories of the visual culture that they represent.

While there are numerous sources of inequality to be addressed in the field, we have identified three areas of focus:


We will address these areas of inequality by creating a community of Black museum trustees that actively supports one another, artists, Black museum leadership and staff; developing tools to enable our trustees to be more effective in navigating change and transforming their institutions; and elevating our collective voice to advocate for Black representation and support/amplify the work of other organizations in the field.

Who We Are

The Black Trustee Alliance for Art Museums is an organization of and for Black trustees currently serving on the boards of art museums within North America.


Victoria Rogers, Chair
Brooklyn Museum

Troy Carter
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

N. Anthony Coles
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Edith Cooper
Museum of Modern Art

Denise B. Gardner
The Art Institute of Chicago

Edward Greene
Museum of Fine Art, Boston


Gabrielle Sulzberger, Founder Emeritus
The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Brooke Minto, Executive Director

Izzy Greene, Program Manager

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Sharing knowledge is an essential part of this work, and your input matters. Please use the box below to provide general concerns or input for the group, or respond to the following questions:

- What do you consider to be your institution’s primary barriers to equitable Black engagement, and how might BTA help address them?

- What do you think your institution has done well in its efforts to address racial inequality to date?


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